Fundamentals of Sex and Gender

    Fundamentals of Sex and Gender.   This video discusses the 3 fundamentals of sex, gender and sexual orientation, the gender spectrum and gender dysphoria  

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Historical Comparisons

    Historical Comparisons.  This video analyses the current gender revolution with a similar revolution that took place 500 years ago, the Copernican Revolution, that had an equally powerful impact on our society.  It makes comparisons and concludes that society is in denial about the changes to our binary gender system we are witnessing.  

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Transgender Science

Looks at the history of the study of gender and sex, then focuses on the 4 theoretical reasons for the existence of transgender people, focusing on genetics and epigenetics.

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Gender Revolution

Hypothesis that society is experiencing a "gender revolution" that will eventually lead to significant changes in our culture in respect to how we interact with each other in terms of our gender and sex. Makes comparisons with the Copernican Revolution of 16th Century   I make reference to the website ", but this is being

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Coming Out as Trans

Health and Safety Notice: Before reading the principles outlined below, please check your birth certificate and ensure you are over 18 years of age, because this area of the website is for adults only.  If you are, rather annoyingly, full of youth and indeed a child of the 21st century, then you should consult your school,

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Anti-Trans Erasure Speech

Speech which addresses Trump's "trans-erasure" proposals.  Compares the current gender revolution with a similar revolution many years ago, the Copernican Revolution,  that caused an equally seismic shift in the direction of our culture.  Concludes that Trump and his cronies are simpletons when matters of the science of sex and gender are concerned

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Independent Transgender Consultant and Public Speaker

Are you looking for a professional trained, high quality presenter and speaker to deliver educational transgender and gender identity presentations to corporate Equality and Diversity training days and other corporate events?

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