Gender Critical Ideologues and the Future Historic Transphobic Crime Register


All responsible people of the World have an inescapable duty they diligently pursue every minute of every day of their lives, from birth to death, irrespective of creed or religion, and that is the simple pursuit of good health, mental and physical.

We are blessed with an inbuilt complex psychological mechanism instructing us to maintain a steady pathway through life that optimises health, injecting the emotion of fear when we veer away and happiness when on a steady course. Fear encourages us to avoid dangerous situations that could lead to injury or death, to pursue healthy choices and a disease-free life. The irresponsible among us ignore fear in pursuit of short-term gains, hence become obese, smoke cigarettes, undertake dangerous sports etc.

All of us have a duty to our friends, family, community, and greater society, to look after our good health and reduce their mental and physical burden through our ill-health, and to minimise the impact on physical and monetary components of healthcare services, which can then be available for others to benefit.

Trans Women

One process a trans woman uses to undertake this responsibility is to adjust her gender presentation to match her gender identity. Simply put, she changes how she looks to be happier with the person in the mirror, and in doing so relieving the mental anxiety and anguish experienced by gender incongruence; she optimises her positive mental health and this relates to good physical health.

The corollary is that negative mental health relates to stress, anxiety and depression and can lead to physical problems like strokes, heart disease and cancer.

In undertaking this responsibility within Western society, trans women unfortunately cross an arbitrary line in the sand, etched over many centuries by socio-religious cultures that have developed binary-gendered systems. When we look around the world, we can see other cultures that have not been as fixated with this rigid system, for example India and the Hijra people, Fa’fafine of Somoa, Waria of Indonesia, Muxe of Mexico, Kathoey of Thailand and native American Indians, the latter having up to five gender categories.

For many centuries, binary-gendered Western societies have persecuted people who have dared to cross this gendered line, but since the beginning of 20th century, scientists and politicians have begun to realise the error of such persecution and have accepted that people should express their gender identity in a manner that optimises their good mental and physical health.

To accommodate this, Western Society has acknowledged the concept that a person born into a male body can use the term “woman” to describe their identity, and for many years and decades scientists and doctors have used medical techniques, specifically hormones and surgery, to assist the physical manifestation of this identity to further reduce gender incongruence.

Defining “Woman”

Fundamentally “woman” is just a word, three consonants and two vowels taken from the alphabet. It must not be conflated with “female” because the latter is a scientific term to describe someone with female biology, and scientists do not as a rule use two descriptors for the same feature of nature, otherwise errors can be made with serious consequences. Physicists never conflate “speed” with “velocity” because the latter has a vector component to depict direction. If you drive your car at a specific speed along a sweeping mountain road, you will be fine, but if you drive at a specific velocity, at the first bend you will plunge into oblivion.

Words have meaning, but the natural waxing and waning of a societies’ culture and traditions means meanings can change over time. “Mother” once meant a person who gave birth to a child, but now also means adoptive mother; “gay” was reserved for people who were happy, but now also means same sex attracted, and “tweet” used to be the sound a bird made.

The meaning of the word “woman” can change too.

In the 100 years since the first “sex change” operations there have been many democratic elections, where issues of the day have been aired and debated and people have voted on their respective political views, and they are the benchmark decision-making process of what is politically and culturally acceptable in contemporary society. Never in any election has the issue been raised of the use of the word “woman” by people born into male bodies, and this is on the condition they look reasonably like a stereotypical woman and most importantly follow the unwritten laws of womanhood.

Indeed, laws have been enacted that give trans women the legal right to use the word “woman”. Human Rights Act 1998, Article 8, Respect for Private and Family Life, states we all have the right to determine the way “we look and dress” and “to develop a personal identity”, which means that a person born into a male body can look and dress like a stereotypical woman and identify as a woman. Equality Act 2010, protected characteristic of gender reassignment means that a trans woman on a path of transition must be accepted and respected in the gender category she presents, so if it is obvious that she wants to identify as a woman, she must be treated as such.

GC Ideologues fail to realise that “woman” is a social construct of a society; females only become women and stop being girls when they pass an unwritten test that checks if they are mature enough, physically, and mentally, with the right attitudes and behaviours to pass the test; only then are they allowed to be referred to as women. How many one-day old females does our society refer to as women? None, they are girls and only become women when Society says so.

Woman is a socially constructed state of being and we can change the test so that people born with male bodies can also pass with flying colours and use this word. We have done this for the last 100 years, accepted by the democratic processes and elections, accepted by scientists, and firmly embedded in our society and culture.

Gender Critical Ideology

Despite the obvious, tangible, benefits to their family and friends, to their community and society, in the use of “woman” by people born into male bodies, there are regressive and blinkered people who cannot or will not accept this pursuit of good health, even though the evidence is overwhelming.

These people initially called themselves trans exclusive radical feminists (acronym TERF), but because of the abhorrent opinions they have about trans women, TERF quickly became a slur. They then opted for a term that sounded slightly more respectable and socially acceptable, “Gender Critical” or GC for short.

Some GC people are fair and responsible and accept the concept that a trans woman is as much a woman as any other woman, as much as a black woman, disabled woman or lesbian woman. Their focus is to critically examine the role that gender plays in disadvantaging women in society. But some are GC ideologues, and their fundamental objective is to demonise trans women and portray them as a threat to society in general and women in particular.

GC ideologues state that trans women are a danger to children, a contamination of sex-segregated spaces and a corruption of women’s competitive sport. They have no scientific or cultural evidence to prove these anti-trans contentions, but they know that if they repeatedly push this propaganda and wrap it up in pseudo-scientific terminology and language, non-GC ideologues will eventually be brain washed into believing it to be true.

Fundamental to GC ideologues is they believe womanhood is pure and should not be contaminated and poisoned by trans women, resorting to a catalogue of falsehoods and accusations to radicalise non-GC ideologues, surfing the internet and depositing derogatory anti-trans statements, like an animal urinating to mark its territory. From behind pseudonyms that hide their identity, they terrorise trans women to the extent that many are hounded off their social media accounts, which to some are essential conduits for interacting with society.

GC Ideologues want to change the laws and attitudes of modern British Society so that respectable people treat trans women with such distain as to force them back under the radar of society to live forevermore in the shadows and in fear.

Anti-Trans Terror Groups

The Terror Act 2000 describes an act of terror as “the use or threat of action……designed to intimidate the public. It must also be for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial, or ideological cause”. In doing so it “creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public”.

Analysing the Terror Act 2000, GC ideologues and the anti-trans language they use, mean that they should be prosecuted under this Act. In their use of propaganda on social media, they clearly take action to intimidate transwomen and the public [the use or threat of action……designed to intimidate the public]. They do this to pursue their GC ideological cause [“the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause”]. In doing so they “create a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public” [trans women].

GC ideologues pursue an ideology, a cult, that places the concept of womanhood on a pedestal, untouchable by anyone who was not born into a female body, and they use a selection of mantras, symbols and chants to fend off anyone else who dares to identify as a woman. Phrases such as “Adult Human Female”, “Sex Not Gender”, “transgender ideology”, “gender ideology”, “Trans Identifying Male” and their symbol, the chequered flag.

Let’s analyse some of these slogans in detail.

Transgender and Gender ideology. An ideology is, by definition, an idea, a concept, and it must have followers. The transgender charity in which I volunteer has provided emotional support to over 1000 trans women over the years; all of them talk about the mental pain and anguish of gender dysphoria that pushes many of them to the edge of death, and some over the edge.

None of them follows a “transgender ideology” or a “gender ideology”. Most have never heard of these concepts.

“Transgender ideology” and “gender Ideology” are empty propaganda tools used by GC ideologues to demonise trans women, to imply a cult-like following, trans zombies, a plague that infects pure blood women, a weapon to encourage non-GC ideologues to fear trans women.

#SexnotGender. #SexNotGender is a social media hashtag frequently used by GC ideologues to claim that all laws of society, culture and tradition relating to females must prioritise the concept of biological sex above all else, and that gender in general, and gender identity in particular, not only must take second place to sex, but that gender identity is harmful to women, that biological sex is more important than feelings of gender.

Here is a fact that GC ideologues arrogantly ignore. Every year in UK over five thousand people kill themselves, decide to end their lives by their own hand, suicide. Every single one of the poor beings undertook this last act of their lives for one reason, and one reason only, they were driven by their feelings, specifically negative feelings, burning a hole in their soul.

Feelings mean life, whatever type of body a person possesses, male, female, whole or broken. Positive feelings extend life, negative feelings truncate life.

#SexNotGender is another propaganda tool used by GC ideologues to promote biology over feelings, to conveniently sweep gender identity under the carpet because it does not serve their GC ideological ideals.

Adult Human Females. GC ideologues use the phrase “Adult Human Female” as their finite definition of “woman”, each word chosen with precision to ensure that anyone not possessing this combination of characteristics cannot possibly be a woman; a phrase deliberately designed to ostracise trans women.

As previously discussed, for the last 100 years, Western Society has accepted that people born with male bodies can use the word woman if they follow unwritten laws of how they act and present themselves; correspondingly hundreds and thousands of trans women have outed themselves to society and have been accepted as women.

If “Adult Human Female” became the legal definition of woman, in an instant these trans women’s identities would be illegal and they would be erased as women. Trans women live in our communities, they have family and friends that accept them, jobs, pursuits, they contribute and are embedded in our society, but in one foul swoop GC ideologues would have, in respect to a trans woman’s fundamental identity, eradicated them from the face of society, for evermore to live in the margins.

Symbols. 🏁 The chequered flag indicates the end of the road and is used by GC ideologues to show their loyalty to the cause, just like the NAZI symbol, the Swastika. Like the Swastika, the symbolic use of black and white is not lost, its one or the other, men or women, nothing in between, no room for trans women. This is the want of GC ideologues for trans women, the end of the game, the end of the race, the final flag signifying the termination their identity.

Trans Identified Male For trans people, it is extremely important that the correct terminology is used to describe their gender presentation because it is fundamental to their identity, but GC Ideologues deliberately use the phrase Trans Identified Male because they know that it is very insulting and upsetting to a trans woman.

This is no different than calling a person of colour a n*gg*r, or someone from Pakistan a P*k*, or calling a gay person a p**f. These are extremely insulting words and, in most cases, if used in a hostile manner, would be treated as a hate crime under the Public Order Act 1986.

These mantras, slogans and symbols are not exhaustive but are the most prominent of these anti-trans dog whistles, seemingly innocuous statements that are used to radicalise the general population to dislike and to terrorise trans women.

Changing Tide of Culture

In the current culture of the early 21st century, the concept of GC ideologues being referred to as terrorists would seem a little far-fetched. But cultural attitudes change over time. In the 1950’s it would have been “far-fetched” for homosexuality to be legalised, and in the 1960’s it would have been “far-fetched” to make same-sex marriage legal; in 1970’s it would have been “far-fetched” to refer to a community within our society as “trans-people” with the terms “non-binary” and “gender-fluid” becoming ingrained in our language.

But all these things have happened.

As a person who has been gender non-conforming for half a century, my experience is that older people are more transphobic than younger, and most GC ideologues are white, privileged, and on the bad side of 40. Most young people are totalling accepting of trans women, and the young will inherit the earth.

Since the 1970’s many right wing fascist groups have been banned, paedophile groups have been banned, right wing religious groups have been banned, and in twenty years from now, the young people of our society will be our politicians, our judiciary, our senior police officers, our policy makers, and they will recognise the historical abuse over the decades of trans women by GC ideologues and they will ban transphobic hate groups and hold to account transphobic individuals, and the Terror Act 2000 and Public Order Act 1986 will be the appropriate legal tools.

Future Historic Transphobic Crimes Register

So let’s help our future policy and law makers and enforcers in their quest by building up the body of evidence now, let’s begin the future historical transphobic crimes register.

This register (see example below) is a tabularised list of GC ideologues and institutions who have proved their transphobia by persistent use of GC propaganda, specifically promoting concepts of Transgender Ideology, Gender Ideology, #SexNotGender, Adult Human Females, Trans Identifying Males or using the chequered flag symbol (the list is not exhaustive). Behind the register is a database of screenshots of when these propaganda weapons have been deployed. From this database, the investigators of the future will be able to track down the IP address and physical addresses of the perpetrators. They will be charged with historical transphobic crimes, and appropriately punished.

In the 1930’s, NAZIs behaved despicably towards many creeds and religions of German society, using propaganda to convince non-NAZI Germans that they were not worthy of humanity and respect. One hundred years later and we are witnessing exactly the same tactics by GC ideologues to convince society that trans women should not have a place at the altar of womanhood, and it is now time to go on the offensive with the combined tactics of historical transphobic crime reporting, coupled with the knowledge that today’s young trans allies will be judge, jury and executioners in the future, and will hold to account GC ideologues and bring them to justice for their transphobic abuses of today.

Julie Miller