My trans-political analysis

I have always been openly and obviously gender non-conforming, but after nearly four decades of trying to present myself as a feminine man (wearing skirts and dresses, but otherwise presenting as a man) and dealing with constant negativity from society, my mental health was spiralling downhill.  To bring myself back into

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My Transgender Story

After 25 years as an Army officer I retired in July 2018, but only in the last year at work I revealed my transgender status, and only in a selective environment, specifically the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, a beautiful stately home nestling in the Wiltshire countryside near Andover.

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Letter to the Editor of the Times

Dear Sir As a non-binary gender-fluid trans-woman, I found your article “Trans ideologists are spreading cod science” equally disturbing as it was confusing with Janice Turner attempting to unravel the science of sex and gender depicted, apparently, by the charity Mermaids.  But she only succeeded in clouding the debate even further with

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Transgender Battlefield

As a middle ranking military officer in the British Army for 25 years, Julie Miller learnt the tactics of war and offers below, using the British Army’s “Mission Command” process, an analysis of the transgender battlefield. Mission Analysis For many transgender people, each day of their life is a running

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Theory of Transgender Relativity

Or how culture and language defines how we think of Gender. How Transgender am I? I have always wanted to understand how transgender I am.  The science of transgender is immature and there is no precise explanation, genetics and epigenetics (The Two Factor Theory*) being the current focus of scientists,

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A Transgender Myth Disrobed

Or how culture and language defines how we think of gender. A Sensitive Teenager There I was, 13 years’ old, a sensitive teenage boy doing what all sensitive teenage boys do at that tender age, trying on mother’s and sister’s dresses; and like everyone else who finds comfort in sensuous

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Transgender from an Alien Perspective

Ladies and Gentlemen! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! This familiar salutation has been used for generations by people in immediate need of our attention; “Ladies and Gentlemen, the train at Platform 3 is for Oxford only”; “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats for the second half of the performance”. Few of

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Independent Transgender Consultant and Public Speaker

Are you looking for a professional trained, high quality presenter and speaker to deliver educational transgender and gender identity presentations to corporate Equality and Diversity training days and other corporate events?

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